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You can make a cut only 1/2" away from a wall
Precise angled cuts are easy

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 TS 55 (includes saw, 48 tooth carbide blade, 55" guide rail, chip deflector, Splinter guard, Systainer 4) (#561556) ($660.00) In Stock
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 CT Dust Extractor CT SYS (#584174) Also includes 1 bag, HEPA Filter, Shoulder Strap, Anti-static Hose, and Upholstery and Crevice Brushes. ($337.50 regularly $375.00 save 10% with any Festool tool purchase) In Stock New Style!
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 48 tooth ATB blade for clean cross cuts in all wood materials (comes with saw). (#495377) ($78.00) In Stock
 28 tooth ATB universal blade. 2.2mm kerf. A good multi-purpose blade for wooden materials, constuction materials, and soft plastics (#496304) ($56.00) In Stock
 56 tooth triple-chip blade with negative hook for aluminum and non-ferrous metals, acrylic, hard plastic, fiber-reinforced plastic, and melamine. (#496307) ($100.00) Temporarily Sold Out
 48 tooth triple-chip blade designed for hard materials like laminate flooring, and polymer materials like solid surface countertops. (#496309) ($89.00) In Stock
 14 tooth ATB "Panther" blade for fast rip cutting in wood with less force. (#496305) ($50.00) In Stock
 Pack of 5 splinter guards for TS 55 REQ . For clean cuts on the right side of the blade. (#499011) ($22.00) In Stock
 Parallel guide. (#491469) ($66.00) In Stock
Festool is a system. No tool demonstrates this more clearly than the Festool circular saw. You can use the saw by itself; you can use it with a guide rail; you can use it on the multi-function table; and of course it plugs into the vacuum system for dust free cutting. You get glass smooth cuts with no burning.

  • The built-in riving knife descends with the blade as the cut is made. The riving knife offers some safety protection. It keeps the freshly sawn kerf from closing up, which in turn keeps the wood from pinching the blade and burning. The knife is spring-loaded, so it doesn't get into the way of plunge cuts. The riving knife emerges from the saw body before the blade for easier positioning in existing saw cuts.
  • A slip clutch minimizes kickback if the saw blade binds.
  • Positive depth adjustment easily to set with a micro-adjust for tweaking the depth of cut so.
  • Depth of cut is measured in easy to read English or metric units.
  • The angle adjustment is solid, and designed to cut into the same cut as the vertical cut so that all the measurements are consistent.
  • There are detents on the angle adjustment for 0 and 45 degrees but you can easily override the detent to over or undercut by a degree or two. The full range of tilt is -1° to 45°. This will help you get perfectly closed miter joints on materials that move with the weather.
  • The housing shields you from the blade, helps make dust collection work, but also is sleek enough to allow you to cut within 1/2" of a wall.
  • A retractable, replaceable splinter guard is now integral to the machine and doesn't have to be removed even for angled cuts.
  • The rail also has an expendable splinter guard, which, coupled with another expendable splinter guard on the saw means you can cut remarkably smooth cuts with little or no tear-out on either side of the top surface of the cut.
  • A true plunge cutter, You put the saw on the wood, turn it on and plunge to depth, easily and safely, without any tricky balancing act.
  • Triple motor bearing improve the running smoothness and extend the life of the saw
  • The saw comes with a 55" guide rail. The guide rail can be used with the saw, most of the other Festools, with the multifunction table, and of course by itself. You can get longer guide rails, or join several together.
  • The saw easily adjusts on the guide rail for zero-play. Between the rail and the riving blade you get glass smooth cuts with no burn marks.
  • Variable speed, electronically controlled motor gives constant speed under load and protects the saw from overheating
  • FastFix saw blade changing system locks out the motor and freezes the arbor for easy, quick, and safe blade changing.
  • A rotating dust port makes it possible to ensure you can move your vacuum hose out of your way for safer and easier cutting.
  • The saw comes with a 48-tooth fine cutting saw blade, a 55" guide rail, and the saw is packed in a Systainer 4.
  • As on all Festool tools this saw comes with a three year warrenty

We sell a lot of 55 saws to cabinetmakers who use them to cut up large panels - sort of like portable panel saws. What you do is put a large bit of scrap over a couple of saw horses, put your work on top of that and then, with a long guide rail, cut away to your heart's content. It's not awkward as having a small contractor's saw on a job site would be, since it's a lot easier to move a saw through the wood than to try to balance a big heavy panel on a small contractor's table saw.

The 55 is a nicely sized saw for cutting panels, and in a pinch it can do a 2x4. However, if you want a saw to use in a shop where you need to cut a wider range of goods, consider the more powerful TS 75. A full range of accessories and blades for all applications are also available.

Power consumption: 1200 Watts / 10 amps 120 v AC
Saw blade speed: 2000 - 5200 rpm
Saw blade diameter: 6 1/4" (160 mm)
Bevel cuts: is -1° to 45°
Cutting depth on guide rail: 1 15/16" (50 mm) straight down and 1 7/16" (37 mm) at 45 degrees
Cutting depth without guide rail: 2 1/8" (55 mm) straight down
Dust extractor connection: 1" (27 mm) and 1 7/16" (36 mm)
Arbor Size:.787" (20mm)
Weight: 9.92 lbs. (4.5 kg)


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