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OF 2200 Router  (#574354)OF 2200 Router  (#574354) OF 2200 Router (#574354) ($885.00) In Stock
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  OF 2200 accessory systainer set with inch (") template guides (#497656) ($365.00) In Stock
  OF 2200 accessory systainer set with metric template guides (#497655) ($365.00) In Stock
  Parallel edge guide for OF 2200 with fine adjuster. Does not include rods or extraction hood (#494680) ($88.00) In Stock
  Pair of guide rods for attaching OF2200 to the edge guide or guide rail (#495247) ($26.00) In Stock
  Guide rail attachment for OF 2200 with sub base (#494681) ($120.00) In Stock
  Sub base for use with smaller diameter bits for increased surface area support (#494677) ($57.00) In Stock
  Widened support sub base for OF 2200, for use with large edge forming bits (#494682) ($88.00) In Stock
  Sub base for use with template guides, with dust extraction ports (#494675) ($57.00) In Stock
  17mm template guide (#494622) ($17.00) Temporarily Sold Out
  24 mm template guide (#494623) ($17.00) Temporarily Sold Out
  27 mm template guide (#494624) ($17.00) In Stock
  30 mm template guide (#494625) ($17.00) In Stock
  40 mm template guide (#494626) ($17.00) In Stock
  1/4" / 6.35 clamping collet (works for OF1400 too)(#494463) ($42.00) In Stock
  3/8" / 9.53mm clamping collet (works for OF1400 too)(#494464) ($42.00) In Stock
  8 mm clamping collet (#494460) ($42.00) In Stock
  1/2" / 12.7 clamping collet (works for OF1400 too)(#494465) ($42.00) In Stock
  1/2" (12.7mm) template guide (#495339) ($17.00) Temporarily Sold Out
  3/4" (19.05mm) template guide (#495340) ($17.00) In Stock
  1" (25.4mm) template guide (#495341) ($17.00) In Stock
  1 3/8" (34.93mm) template guide (#495342) ($17.00) In Stock
In general more power in a router means smoother cutting, cleaner cutting, and faster cutting. This is especially true with modern composite materials such as Corian where a thick countertop demands a wide cut and you need all the power you can get. However, at the same time you need to control that power so you need a router with great ergonomics and a manageable weight. The new Festool 2200 router is powered by a 2200 watt motor, but retains the ergonomic comfort, precision and nifty design features of its smaller siblings. You can power your way through just about any task, but with a well-balanced tool that has all the controls at your fingertips. The base system lets you quickly attach and remove components with no additional tools. Copy rings drop in and out with just a turn of a knob that releases the bottom plate of the router. A single twist of the locking knob engages the double-column plunge locking mechanism. Bit changes are also quick and easy, with open access to the single tool ratcheting collet, so you don�t have to remove the wrench from the shaft. The OF 2200 also keeps you working fast with a four-position plunge stop turret that assists in setting your pre-defined plunge depth, and has a integrated 5/64" (2mm) offset for finish passes. You�ll find all controls, a variable speed dial to RPM cross reference, and service information right on the router itself � hard to beat that! And of course, the precision (make your adjustments is super fine, 1/256" (.1 mm) increments), reliability and dust extraction that are synonymous with the Festool line are still fantastic. The 360 degree, lever actuated, spring loaded dust shroud and chip deflector keep your piece and the air clean and dust-free. Amongst the clever new features is that the dust collector runs through one of the guide shafts so that both the vacuum hose and the power cord are kept out of the way on the top of the tool. The OF 2200 takes 1/2", 3/8", 1/4" or 8 mm bits - which should just about cover you for any project - and like all of Festool routers, the OF 2200 is compatible with the Festool guide rail system (with an optional guide stop). Despite its power, the router weighs in at under 17 1/2 lbs and has an ergonomic handle with a 30 degree offset to keep you comfortable. It�s all part of what Festool calls "intuitive operation" where the machine naturally responds to all the operations you want a tool to do.

There is a host of attachments available for the 2200 including the very popular edge guide (492636). For drilling for shelf pins and other regular holes Festool has a range of pre-drilled rails and an guide plate for using the hole drilling. Stops, shelf bits, and hinge drilling bits are available also. For routing panels the optional MFS 700 multi-routing templates are 4 aluminum rails that bolt together in any size and add tremendous versatility to the setups you can do.

In addition to the router the basic package (574354) includes:
  • Dust extraction hood (492000)
  • Chip catcher (492732)
  • Collet wrench
  • 1/2" collet (492143)
  • Guide bushing adaptor (493566)
  • Plug-it detachable power cord (490656)
  • Packed in a Systainer 4 (445597)


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