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Multifunction Table MFT/3 (#495462)Multifunction Table MFT/3 (#495462) Multifunction Table MFT/3 (#495462) ($645.00) Temporarily Sold OutShipping surcharges may apply
  Multifunction Table MFT/3 - Basic (#495888) ($545.00) In StockShipping surcharges may apply
Cross support members for additional stabilization of the table (#495502)Cross support members for additional stabilization of the table (#495502) Cross support members for additional stabilization of the table (#495502) ($75.00) In Stock
  for stopping workpieces on the fence angle stop, can be folded away (#495542) ($23.96) In Stock
Connector for connecting 2 MFT/3 tables. Pack of 1 (2 are needed). Does not connect to MFT800 or MFT1080 (#484455)Connector for connecting 2 MFT/3 tables. Pack of 1 (2 are needed). Does not connect to MFT800 or MFT1080 (#484455) Connector for connecting 2 MFT/3 tables. Pack of 1 (2 are needed). Does not connect to MFT800 or MFT1080 (#484455) ($20.00) In Stock
Clamps 300mm 2x, FS (#489571)Clamps 300mm 2x, FS (#489571) Clamps 300mm 2x, FS (#489571) ($52.00) In Stock
Clamps 120mm 2x, FS (#489570)Clamps 120mm 2x, FS (#489570) Clamps 120mm 2x, FS (#489570) ($42.00) Temporarily Sold Out
Quick clamp 1x, MFT, FS (#491594)Quick clamp 1x, MFT, FS (#491594) Quick clamp 1x, MFT, FS (#491594) ($41.00) Temporarily Sold Out
Clamping elements  2x, MFT (#488030)Clamping elements  2x, MFT (#488030) Clamping elements 2x, MFT (#488030) ($110.00) In Stock
  Replacement perforated plate (#495543) ($165.00) In Stock
Festool's multi-function table (MFT) builds upon the success of the original MFT and offers some great new features. Just like the original, the new MFT works with Festool's saws, routers, and guide rails to become a fantastically versatile and efficient workbench for both the workshop and the job site. Here in New York City, where space is at a premium, we also know a few people doing home remodeling in an apartment or small house where the multi-function table is the entire workbench. It's much easier to move the workshop to the project room than move every bit of molding and stuff to the basement to be cut or sanded. The MFT consists of a sturdy table with perforated top and foldaway legs. The replaceable sacrificial top is heavy made of heavy MDF and is drilled for stops, clamps and other useful attachments. A typical use of the MFT is with a circular saw and a guide rail to work as a cutoff saw. The standard MFT package includes a guide rail, an angle unit, and a stop for that purpose. But it's a great base for sanding and routing and really encourages easy productive setups. The entire unit easily folds up for transport, and you can set it back up in seconds. And of course, since it's from Festool, it's rock solid. We should also mention that being able to work at a comfortable height at a jobsite is light years ahead of cobbling up something makeshift or working on the floor.

One of the new features I find really ingenious is you now have the ability to adjust the position of the Angle Unit and Fence to position your work piece closer to the front of the table, where it�s more comfortable to work. What�s even more impressive is that you also get three extra inches of usable work surface, even though the new MFT is smaller than both the 800 and 1080 sizes of the original. We also love the rubber foot caps protect the floor, and the adjustable leveling foot that lets you compensate for any floor irregularities. You may also notice the new table has a more comfortable work surface height.

One more thought on the Festool "system": With the multi-function table and a vacuum for working clean, you have the proper workspace to work on a project anywhere in your house without worrying about getting dust in the project room, or tracking everything all over the place.

The MFT includes a guide rail; two guide rail supports; an angle unit; 42" guide rail and fence rail clamp; adjustable stop; and deflector. You can also get the basic table without any accessories but that is usually only recommended for people who already have a table and the accessories and just want to have more work surface.

Note: Tools, hold-downs, and clamps shown in the picture above are not included with the table and are available separately.
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