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An Overview of the Carvex Jigsaws
The Carvex cuts straight even in 4" timber.

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 Barrel Grip JigSaw Only (#561593) ($365.00) In Stock
 D-Handled Jigsaw Only (#561608) ($365.00) In Stock
 Barrel Grip Jigsaw W/charger + 1 battery (#561749) ($510.00) In Stock
 Barrel Grip Jigsaw Basic - NO batteries or charger (#561690) ($365.00) In Stock
 D-Handled Jigsaw W/charger + 1 battery (#561753) ($510.00) In Stock
 D Handled Jigsaw Basic - NO batteries or charger(#561689) ($365.00) Temporarily Sold Out
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 18V Battery - 5.2Ah Li-Ion - Compatible with PDC/BHC/C18/T18/TSC55/Carvex/Syslight (#500531) ($65.00) In Stock
 TCL3 Charger for All 12v, 15v, 18v Batteries (#499412) ($65.00) In Stock
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 10.8v Battery - 1.5Ah Li-Ion - Compatible with all CXS drills (#498617) ($31.00) In Stock
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Bases and Accessories
 Accessory Kit. Kit contains: 3 base inserts(497298,497299,497300, The Angle Base 496134, The Base Adapter and Circle Cutter, and 5 replacement splinter guards, all packed in a Systainer 2. (#497709) ($213.00) In Stock
 Standard Base Insert(replacement)(#497297) ($18.00) In Stock
 Dimpled Base Insert -Textured for low friction. This base glides over wood and wood-like materials. The dimpled base help minimize dust build-up in the front of the saw (#497298) ($25.00) In Stock
 Hard Fiber Base Insert - An extremely durable smooth surface insert for reduced friction on wood and wood-like materials.(#497299)) ($25.00) In Stock
 Steel Base Insert - for metallic surfaces(#497300) ($23.00) In Stock
 StickFix Base Insert. With a replaceable (hook & loop) felt bottom you can easily protect delicate surfaces from scratches and wear.(#497301) ($24.00) In Stock
 Contains Base Adapter #497303 and Circle Cutter #497304 (#497443) ($66.00) Temporarily Sold Out
 Connects the Carvex to any guide rail and is also used with the circle cutter. (#497303) ($27.00) Temporarily Sold Out
 Very cool circle giant range cutter expands to cut any circule with a radius from 2-11/16" to 9' 10-1/8". For best results use with blades #486563 or #4865641. Requires the base adapter #497303 (above) to connect to the Carvex (#497304) ($50.00) In Stock
 Angle Base. Tool-Free - stepless adjustments from +/-45° inside or outside angles.(#496134) ($112.00) Temporarily Sold Out
 Replacement Felt for the StickFix base insert.(pack of 5)(#497444) ($12.00) In Stock
 Splinterguard 5x, PS300 (#490120) ($10.00) In Stock
 Splinterguard 20x, PS300 (#490121) ($26.00) In Stock
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Cordless or Corded, Festool has always been know for making the best jigsaws on the market. The mark of a great jigsaw being the ability to cut square and smooth, even on very thick, hard materials, and do it as you are going round the curve. It's all about having a strong and precise blade guide.

There are two models of Carvex to choose from, barrel grip and "D" handled, each available in corded and cordless versions. The cordless and corded versions are identical in power and features. In use the cordless version doesn't have any drag from the cord, but weighs several points more because of the battery pack on the end.

Having mastered the art of making a great jigsaw years ago the question for Festool was how to go forward. These Carvex Jigsaws raise the bar on what one expects from a jigsaw. The motor technology reflects the latest ideas in making a small narrow brushless motor that is easy to grip, light in weight, and will not require replacement brushes. The front dust shield and guard is permanently installed and ready for business when you need it, but easily slides out of the way when you don't. The cord socket can pivot up and down for better ease of use. You install the blade by just sticking it into the holder, and a one-touch blade ejector spits out the blade hands free. Above the blade are a bank of LED lights so that you can really see what you are doing. The lights strobe with the speed of the saw so that the blade appears stationary and you can easily see where you are actually cutting. As always dust collection is through a detachable nozzle on the rear of the base. There is now an electronic switch on each side of the unit so you don't have to reach around. Also new for Festool is in addition of six speed settings, including an "A" automatic speed setting which will automatically adjusts the speed of the jigsaw based on motor load.

BUT, the most noticeable innovation in the Carvex line is none of the features we just mentioned. It's the detachable base. The main unit comes with a flat base that does not tilt. With one lever stroke you can detach the base and get access to the blade unit to adjust the guides for the exact thickness of the blade you are using. The base is interchangeable with a large selection of specialty bases for all sorts of operations. In addition there are bases with different bottom surfaces for optimum cutting on nearly any material. There are four versions of this saw: Cordless and Corded, each available in either a barrel grip or a "D" grip.
The two models of jigsaw are the same except for the grip. Most people like the body grip because the hand is closer to the work and the whole tool has a lower center of gravity. Personally, I have small hands and I feel more secure with my hand on a smaller, "D" handle.

Both tools have a carbide tipped jaws with a three-way blade guide and support for straight cuts, a splinter guard and either straight running and three orbital motion settings.

What's in the Systainer:
All Models:
The saw, 2 multipurpose wood saw blades, Chip guard, Splinter guard

Corded Models Only:
Plug-it cord, Packed in Systainer 1.

Regular Cordless Models Only:
One 18v Lithium Ion, 4.2Ah batteries, Charger, Packed in Systainer 3.

Basic Cordless Models Only:
Does not contain any batteries or a charger. Packed in Systainer 3.

Batteries are compatible with all Festool Lithium battery packs.

10.8v - 18.0v
Power consumption (cordless or corded): 400 Watts
Power Supply (corded): 110V AC
Power Supply (cordless): 18v Lithium Ion, 4.2Ah
Battery Range(cordless): 10.8v - 18.0v
Stroke rate (1"): 1500 - 3800 spm
Pendulum stroke adjustment: 4 stages
Cutting depth in wood: 4-3/4" (120 mm)
Cutting depth in non-ferrous metals: 3/4" (20 mm)
Cutting depth in steel: 3/8" (10 mm)
Weight: 4.2 lbs (1.9 kg)
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