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Systainers are a great way of stacking all your tools in a solid block and moving them about easily and efficiently. Now, for a Limited Time Only Festool has added an insulated cooler to the mix so that in addition to your tools you can conveniently travel with a Systainer 4 loaded with your favorite refreshments, or lunch, and keep everything cold. (Ice and freezer packs, or food and drink are not supplied).

The Cooltainer, which is black so that you won't confuse it with the rest of your tools, fits and stacks along with any other systainer, and features a 1.25" thick foam insert to help you keep your lunch or favorite beverage at perfect temperature. The inside dimensions of 9" x 9" x 12" provide plenty of room to keep you hydrated and fed.

Having a cooler built into a Systainer means that your food and drinks will be transported easily with no special handling that a separate cooler would need. It's just one more box in the stack. And it's also not just a luxury. Making it easy to keep beverages and food cool on a job site means that there is a greater chance that you will save time having refreshments on-site and that you won't waste time in the middle of the day having to get stuff. It also means that you will be able to eat and drink properly and that's good for your health and your productivity.

Like all Festool special offers when we run out we run out. This item, like all orders with Festool items totaling over $50, qualifies for free shipping.  

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