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  FESTOOL Systainers, Sortainers etc
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If you stack your Systainers facing the handle, you can open them without taking them off the Sys-Roll.

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The Festool Sys-Roll is a souped up cart with big wheels, a handle, and a little storage. The two big rear wheels are extra large to help you negotiate stairs. That's very important. The handle makes it easy to tip back and control and maneuver which is important if you typically have to take your tools any distance. The Sys-Roll has a capacity of 220 lbs. which is easy to wheel around but not so easy to move if you don't have a cart and have to move stuff by hand several trips. The Festool system approach is not just about making tools that let you work faster, but just as important, having a system with tools like the Sys-Roll that help you get to work, setup, work, and then go home, faster. This is a tool that will speed up your day and that's money in the bank.

The bottom platform of the Sys-Roll has a built-in long thin drawer for holding little parts that you always need (hex keys, screwdrivers, Choward's candy, stuff like that).

Once you get where you are going the wheels lock solid so the Sys-Roll won't move unexpectedly. The unit by itself weighs 14.3 lbs.  

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