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This seasons brushed cotton 19th Century Button Down shirt is fall to perfection. The subtly detailed bird on plaid print is accentuated by classy touches like the pattern matching on the breast pocket, and the mother-of-pearl buttons.

The construction detailing of the 19th century were inspired by the tailor made dress shirts of the previous century. Daiki Suzuki, designer for Engineered Garments, has developed the 19th C. BD shirt as a staple of the EG line. Each season the shirt is offered in a new selection of fabrics or changes to the trimmings or details.

The detailing that goes into the 19th Century BD shirt is entirely un-necessary - but absolutely wonderful. Single Needle tailoring makes for seams the won't pucker over time. Arm gussets, side gussets, the button placket detailing, the zig-zag stitching under the collar, the split yoke, the gather at the cuff - all are extras we don’t expect.

In-fact throughout the shirt, it seems rhyme has prevailed over reason to elegant effect, and to that we say Amen!

Engineered Garments clothing is designed and sewn in the USA.

100% Cotton - Machine Wash Cold - Hang Dry

Note: Altered or laundered clothing is not returnable.


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