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Honing Guides by Richard Kell
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There are two basic approaches to honing guides: clamp from top to bottom, or clamp from the sides. These honing guides by Richard Kell solidly clamp almost anything from the sides. Unlike top-to-bottom clamps, Kell clamps eliminate the hassle of getting the blade square to the jig. Two plastic washers even out any irregularity in the iron so that the clamp holds the tool far tighter than any other honing guide on the market. To determine the honing angle, just measure the amount of extension from the jig. It works like a charm. It’s really reassuring to work with a tool that is so solid in the hand and so positive in its clamping action without lots of fiddly adjustments that can get clogged and slip. The jig works perfectly from both Western and Japanese style chisels and plane blades. Spokeshave blades and other short blades are no problem. We consider these honing guides to be the best on the market.

Two sizes of guides: the smaller one is used for blades up to 1" wide, and the larger jig can clamp up to 2 5/8". The wider jig will probably be more useful but for most chisels the narrow jig is a little easier to handle. Instructions are included. Made from brass and stainless steel. Made in England.  
Customer Reviews:

Excellent For Mortise Chisels

By: Adam Welker (Jun, 2013)

I recently purchased the small guide after reading that it worked well on smaller tools and especially mortise chisels. It locks tight with only finger pressure and is easy to set with a wooden jig for projection. It has made sharpening my mortise chisels and dovetail chisels a ton easier than it was with a regular side clamping, "eclipse style", guide. I couldn't get five stars to register on the rating scale but it is definitely a five star tool. I plan on purchasing the large one soon.
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