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Behlen  Swel-LockBehlen  Swel-Lock
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Behlen  Swel-Lock|

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When you need to repair loose furniture or a wooden handled tool but don't have the time for major surgery - who you gonna call? Behlen Swel-Lock!

Swel-Lock was introduced to us by Will Lisak founder of ETWAS leather goods. Will rang us up looking for Swel-Lock to tighten up a wooden-framed backpack that had become loose during the long dry winter.

Although we had never heard of the stuff we were instantly intrigued by the promise of fixing loose chair rungs, mortise and tenons, and wooden handled tools quickly and simply. We've tested Swel-Lock on a range of woods, and have had nothing but favorable results.

Swel-Lock isn't a glue - it simply swells the wood fibers, to tighten the fit of a mortise of . Its thin viscosity allows it to flow into the loose joinery where it is absorbed by the wood fibers swelling the wood back to size and tightening the joint.

To use - Apply a liberal helping of Swel-Lock to the opening of the loose joint so the liquid is encouraged to flow into the gap. If possible you want to pull the joint apart to get more juice where its needed, and orient the joinery so gravity can give an assist.

Swel-Lock isn't shortcut for fixing poorly fit joinery, but its perfect for keeping hammer, axe or hatchet handles safe and tight, giving a helping hand to a well used chair or other wooden furniture.  

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