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  Hand Cut Riffler Rasps by Auriou
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Chris Pye explains how to use his rifflers when carving

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Riffler rasps are short double ended rasps that are invaluable for carvers to touch up carvings, to add texture to a surface, and do many other jobs where a knife cut just isn't appropriate. The working ends of each riffler are different and are selected so that the shapes compliment each other and you can switch between them just by reversing the rasp in your hand.

This set of two rifflers (for a total of four cutting ends) was chosen by master carver Chris Pye as an ideal starter set for the carver. The rasps are hand made, in France by Auriou, and are about 7" overall. They are a grain 13 (according to the Auriou rating system). The hand cut teeth with cut smoothly and without grabbing. The working ends of the rifflers are bout 1 1/2" long and the middle section has an octagonal cross-section. The reason for the octagonal cross section, which is traditional, is so that you can spin the riffler between your fingers and have a sense how much you are spinning, and the riffler won't twist in your hand as it would if the center was round. You will also find that the octagonal middle section is easier on the fingers than a square section would be.

Overall length about 7". Grain 13. Made in France by Auriou.  

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