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Sharpen Your Handsaws with Ron Herman
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Sharpen Your Handsaws with Ron HermanSharpen Your Handsaws with Ron Herman
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by Ron Herman

What an absolute treat to see a DVD by Ron Herman! Ron is one of the few professional house wrights left who not only did a proper apprenticeship he also only uses hand saws in his professional work. What you instantly learn from Ron is that not only the world of difference a sharp saw makes, but also how you can customize the saw you are using to make it fast and efficient for the type of work that you do.

This DVD is the most comprehensive work ever on sharpening a saw for all sorts of cutting situations and how to select the right saw for what you are doing and your body height.

Chapter by chapter Ron goes through each step of saw sharpening and describes simple methods for doing it yourself. He teaches you how to be efficient and consistent. His methods are simple, his instructions clear, and the equipment he uses pretty basic. We are pretty proud to see our saw vise featured on the cover of the DVD and used throughout the DVD by Ron.

Running Time: 84 minutes.

Pages: 84

Publisher: Popular Woodworking

Customer Reviews:


By: Randy G. (Jul, 2016)

All of my saws cut beautifully - fast, smooth, and straight - because of this video. I found that watching it several times, and putting in some practice time, produces outstanding results. I resurrected an abused old Disston, converted a rusty cross cut into an efficient rip saw, and turned a poorly made backsaw into my go-to for dovetails. When I bought the Gramercy saw vise (an outstanding tool) I hestitated at first about spending $20 on the Ron Herman video. I now know that, if it weren't for the video, I wouldn't have gotten anywhere neat the results with the vise that I do now.
I own this product.

Save your money.

By: Greg (Oct, 2014)

I bought this dvd (through Pop Woodworking), watched it, and consider it vitrually useless. Very poor production quality. If you really want to learn how to sharpen a saw, 1) watch the free videos on Lie Nielsen's website, 2) read Ron Hock's book on sharpening, 3) practice on your own, or 4) go to a course at Bad Axe Tools. I returned this DVD to PWW/F-W media, and 2 years later I am still waiting for a refund. Garbage!
I own this product.

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