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by Stephen Shepherd

This new book from Stephen Shepherd, a leading expert of historical woodworking practices, is a scanned reprint of an 1835 edition of the Universal Receipt Book - itself a reprint of an 1824 edition, with and 22 additional pages listing period educational books. Inside, you�ll discover 6,000 traditional recipes (receipts) for making everything from varnish, stain, glues and paint for the 19th-century shop to different types of ink, medicine, beverages and more. It�s a treasure trove of amazing information on historical formularies that provides a thorough look at what our ancestors were making for their shops, their homes, their farms and much more. Shepherd scanned and cleaned up the images from the 1835 edition so they�re easy to read, and he had a period-appropriate cover designed. This book is a must-have for anyone interested in traditional formularies in any field, and woodworkers will find it particularly useful for the finish recipes it provides.

Pages: 850
Binding: TP
Publisher: Full Chisel Press

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