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by Stephen A. Shepherd

This is the only comprehensive book ever written about hide glue, the first glue ever used by humanity and used by furniture-makers and other woodworkers for millennia. The book is divided in to three basic sections: history and the chemistry of hide glue; the practical side of using hide glue for different applications; and additives and special cases. Among many topics discussed and explained are rub joints, open time, hammer veneering, and the of course the practical reasons for using hide glue. The author Stephen Shepherd is informed by history and there are myriad historical citations on one glue practice or another. Hide glue has a lot of advantages: inexpensive, reversible, easily repairable, has stood the test of time, and is mostly transparent to finishes. It has two drawbacks that I can think of: a much shorter open time than many modern glues, and it needs to be heated before use. Steven discusses liquid hide glues that don�t need to be heated and there is a fair amount on using garlic as an additive to glue metals together. He also explains why that works (which is really interesting). I think this is a very important addition to a woodworker�s or restorer�s library. Especially for anyone interested in restoration or in traditional practice. People who work on musical instruments where hide glue has always been used will appreciate the wealth of detail, information on open time, some interesting repair techniques, and glue strength. I suppose also with the modern stress on less toxic and "green" woodworking, it is worth noting that hide glue is a lot safer than some of the very modern epoxy and other glues. Illustrated with B+W pictures and drawings. 8 1/2" x 11". Softcover.

Pages: 133
Binding: TP
Publisher: Full Chisel Press

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