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Woodturning - A Foundation Course
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Woodturning - A Foundation CourseWoodturning - A Foundation Course
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New Edition
by Keith Rowley

The first edition of this book, published in 1990, was immediately recognized for its encouraging and methodical approach to turning. This revised edition includes full-color photographs and more up-to-date information about technology and equipment, but it retains Rowley´┐Żs Six Laws of Woodturning that are the foundation of its efficient and safe turning technique. The book includes 12 simple and interesting projects, including a goblet; an apple and pear; a bowl; a platter; a bar stool; staircase balusters; a plinth; an inlaid nut bowl; a twig pot; a pepper mill; a table lamp; an a twist pen. Rowley begins with respect for the wood, and this old-fashioned, sturdy and ultimately inspiring philosophy infuses his entire book. You feel as if you are in the hands of a calm and wise master.

Pages: 177
Binding: TP
Publisher: GMC

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By: nate (May, 2015)

Like most facets of wood working, turning isn't very accessible to the unexperienced. Books are great place to Turn to for information, however, when it comes to turning, most how to books A.) were written in 70's and are hell bent on you turning some sort of wretched bird house, and more importantly, B.) assume you have at least 5,000 hours logged on a lathe. This book lays a great foundation for turning, starting with lathe selection, tool safety, and relevant exercises and projects. It breaks down the differences between faceplate and spindle work with a flow chart of where each tool is utilized, with a follow up exercise for each tool and how to properly hold and use. The author's "Six Laws of Woodturning" run through my head whenever I use my lathe.
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