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  Tools, History, and Early Technical Processes
A Museum of Early American ToolsA Museum of Early American Tools
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by Eric Sloane

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Pen-and-Ink sketches by the dozen and an illuminating text make A Museum of Early American Tools a delight for all those who enjoy Americana. The book covers early tools and the wooden and metal artifacts that our forefathers made with them. Fresh, informal, direct, and expressive, it covers building tools and methods, farm and kitchen implements, and the tools of curriers, farriers, wheelwrights, coopers, blacksmiths, coachmakers, sawyers, loggers, tanners, and many of the other proud and individualistic craftsman of the pre-industrial age. Its scope is wide and is the best generalist publication of early American tools. The illustrations are profuse and comprehensive. It is a fine addition to the library of anyone just getting interested in tools or someone who is looking for a general reference on colonial tools and how they were used. 6 1/2"x 9 1/4", soft cover.

I have owned a copy since I was about twelve and this is the book that launched my interest in tools, history and cabinetmaking. Bob Mathison, Curator - Museum Woodworking Tools.

Pages: 108
Binding: TP
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