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by John Alexander

Now on DVD! - Chairmaking was a major farmhouse industry in the early days of this country. In the wintertime, farmers would make chairs for sale as a means to earn cash between seasons. This is how Windsor chairs and the green wood chairs described in this video developed. With industrialization, the farmhouse chair industry died out, but over the past 20 years there has been a major revival of traditional chairmaking. What is most amazing about green wood chairs is how simple the tools and facilities needed to make the chair are. John Alexander, Make a Chair from a Tree’s host, teaches chairmaking and joinery at his shop in Baltimore. Using simple hand tools, mainly a drawknife and a few shaves, he shows how to split and shape the green wood into posts, rungs and slats. While it takes practice and a source of green wood, you could make a whole set of chairs with a very, very limited shop. DVD format, 120 minutes long. This DVD includes a PDF file of the booklet, Suggested Dimensions and Devices.


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