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Shepherds’ Compleat Early Nineteeth Century WoodworkerShepherds’ Compleat Early Nineteeth Century Woodworker
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by Stephen & Victoria Shepherd

Like many users of hand tools, I sometimes wonder how I'd fare if I had to go back in time and use the woodworking tools of yore. Fortunately, Stephen and Victoria Shepherd, passionate scholars of toolmaking and social history, have given us what they term "a plain and fairly comprehensive view of the mysteries of practical woodworking and related branches." If you're curious about the trades and tools of the era's cabinetmakers, coopers, turners, instrument makers, millwrights, etc., this book, whose first edition was published in 1981, provides a fascinating glimpse. The book covers everything from frontier efforts to the magnificent furniture of Duncan Phyfe. Even if you are enamored of today's technology, it's interesting to see the very practical, and often very pleasing, methods enjoyed by our counterparts from centuries past. Profusely illustrated with more than one thousand sketches.

Binding: TP
Publisher: Full Chisel Press

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