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 No. 1 Straight Chisel - 3/16" ($19.95) In Stock
 No. 1 Straight Chisel - 1/4" ($19.95) In Stock
 No. 1 Straight Chisel - 5/16" ($19.95) In Stock
 No. 2 Skew (corner) Chisel - 3/16" ($19.95) Temporarily Sold Out
 No. 2 Skew (corner) Chisel - 1/4" ($19.95) In Stock
 No. 2 Skew (corner) Chisel - 5/16" ($19.95) In Stock
 No.3 Straight Gouge - 1/8" ($25.95) In Stock
 No.3 Straight Gouge - 1/4" ($21.95) Temporarily Sold Out
 No.3 Straight Gouge - 3/8" ($21.95) In Stock
 No. 4 Straight Gouge - 3/16" ($21.95) In Stock
 No. 4 Straight Gouge - 5/16" ($21.95) In Stock
 No. 4 Left Skew (corner) Gouge - 5/16" ($21.95) Temporarily Sold Out
 No. 4 Right Skew (corner) Gouge - 5/16" ($21.95) Temporarily Sold Out
 No. 5 Straight Gouge - 5/16" ($21.95) Temporarily Sold Out
 No. 18 Curved Gouge (#9 sweep) - 1/16" ($21.95) In Stock
 No. 18 Curved Gouge (#9 sweep) - 1/8" ($21.95) In Stock
 No. 20 Curved Gouge (#11 sweep) - 3/16" ($21.95) In Stock
Designed by Peter Benson, Chairman of the British Woodcarvers Association, this range of beautiful miniature carving tools opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Made by Ashley Iles, they are forged, ground and hardened to exactly the same standards as the larger tools and are an absolute delight to use. Unlike most miniature carving tools on the market you will find that because these tools are forged they are fairly heavy and rigid for their size. They feel very solid in use. As you can see in the photo the flatter gouges are all fishtail in style for more versatility in these small sizes.

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4" handles. Approximately 6 1/4" overall. Sharp and ready to use. Made in England.
"The Peter Benson Detail Selection really is remarkable and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these for fine, detailed work." Michelle Robertson, Editor, Woodcarving Magazine, Issue 108 p57

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