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 6" Extra Slim (9-10 ppi) ($4.95) In Stock
With a saw file, practice and a little instruction you can take any saw and turn it into a gem. This is the entire range of saw files for sharpening any kind of Western saw. You should always use any file with a handle, sold separately. Our files are made in Switzerland by Grobet.
Note: Saw file have different tangs than regular files and therefore do not correspond with the usual handle size recommendations. Nearly all of our saw files use a #3 Skroo-zon handle (see below for the link). the 4" double-extra slim uses a #2, and the 7" slim uses a #4. The Swiss needle files doesn't not have a Skroo-zon compatible tang.

Note: over the past year or so (2014) Grobet, our previous supplier has shifted production from rebranded Vallorbe files to other makers. As stock has diminished we have stopped carrying Grobet files and have gone to the source for files by Vallorbe, Switzerland. However, Vallorbe is in the process of changing their production of saw files and we do not know what the future holds.

If you purchase five or more saw files on this page, you are entitled to a 10% discount. The discount is automatic and will show up as an entry in your basket.

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