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2 Piece "Stay-Set" Cap Iron for Bailey Style Planes2 Piece "Stay-Set" Cap Iron for Bailey Style Planes
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 1 3/4" wide for nos. 3, 5 1/4 ($29.95) In Stock
 2" wide for nos. 4, 5 ($29.95) In Stock
 2 3/8" wide for nos. 4 1/2, 5 1/2, 6, 7 ($30.95) In Stock
 Clifton Cap Iron Screw ($2.95) In Stock
A basic method for making a good hand plane work even better is to use a thicker blade and cap iron. These cap irons by Clifton are based on the old Record "Stay-Set" cap iron design. The back of the cap iron screws to the blade like a regular cap iron (screw not included), but the front piece is a heavy chunk of steel that hooks on the back and really adds a mass of metal to the blade. The end result is like the heavy cap irons that are found on infill planes. When you need to hone the blade, you just lift off the front part, sharpen it and replace it with no loss of adjustment and no fiddling around for a screwdriver. When used on a new, Stanley-type plane, the cap iron can make a dramatic difference. All of our Clifton bench planes come already fitted with a premium Clifton blade and this cap iron.
Made in England.
Note: Does not fit pre-1970's Stanley Cap-iron screws. Works fine with all newer American, Indian, and English made Stanley, Record, and Anant planes. Modern cap iron screws are available below.
The real turbo-charging came when I fitted Clifton�s two piece cap iron to the Clifton iron - Garrett Hack, Fine Woodworking

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