Tools for Working Wood
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  • Gift Ideas
    It's often hard to buy gifts for hobbyists. They either already have a lot of hobby-related gizmos, or they can be awfully particular about which specific new gizmo they want. Or both. We've thought of this in developing our gift selections. Our suggestions include stuff that we think most woodworkers won't already have, and stuff that will be appreciated for its unique features, even if the gift's recipient already has something similar. The tool ideas under $50, for example, include a Starrett precision rule, which is so elegant that even if you already have a ruler (and who doesn't?) it's a great gift. The recommended books are one we like to read and most people don't have.

    At the very high end, we have selected a few tools that are just the best around and in most cases we re the only importer in the U.S. for the item. We have divided up our suggestions by price so you don't get sticker shock - unless you want to. Please bear in mind that all merchandise is returnable for any reason.

    And if you're really stumped, we offer gift certificates!