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A typical setup: working against a fence, with a fingerboard in place and dust collection attached.
A typical setup: working against a fence, with a fingerboard in place and dust collection attached.
The lifting mechanism for the router is smooth, precise, and repeatable.
The router and table top can be lifted out of the base for easy adjustment and bit changing.
Behind the fence we can see the micro-adjuster for the fence and one of the two dust collection outlets.
The sliding table and miter fence in action
Folded up and on the move, there is no need to remove the router
The table setup for routing with a bearing bit

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Free standing CMS table - Full set with  accessories(#P00111)Free standing CMS table - Full set with  accessories(#P00111) Free standing CMS table - Full set with accessories(#P00111) ($1625.00) Temporarily Sold OutShipping surcharges may apply
CMS Table attachment for MFT/3 Table - Full set with  accessories(#P00109)CMS Table attachment for MFT/3 Table - Full set with  accessories(#P00109) CMS Table attachment for MFT/3 Table - Full set with accessories(#P00109) ($1325.00) In StockShipping surcharges may apply
Table In-feed/Out-feed Extension CMS - (#492092)Table In-feed/Out-feed Extension CMS - (#492092) Table In-feed/Out-feed Extension CMS - (#492092) ($250.00) In Stock
The Festool CMS router table is in a class by itself. Imagine a router table built with the precision and care of an industrial European panel saw. It starts with a rock solid table of aluminum and steel - either stand-alone or as an add-on to an MTF/3 table. Then it goes on - first with a precision clamping system for seamless, rock solid attachment to all Festool OF 1400 and OF 1010 routers. There is an electrical box with a switch so that you can turn the router on and off safely without having to reach under the table. The set comes with two hoses and a splitter so that you can efficiently collect shavings from above and below the unit. Clever, adjustable Fingerboards are included to keep you work against the cutter. There is even a little extra finger that can be attached when you are using a bit with a bearing which puts pressure on the bearing so that is doesn't jam up and burn your work.

There are two basic setups: One for bits with bearings and another for regular bits. The latter can be used with a fence with or without a sliding table and miter gauge.

The fence can be micro adjusted for a perfect cut, the sliding table is glass smooth, and the miter fence used with the sliding table means that you can easily set up for cutting repeatable precise joinery.

The lifting mechanism is accurate, strong and dependable. There is even a little slot to hang the lifting handle to get it out of the way without losing it.

For those of you needing a portable solution, of course the CMS easily folds up but there is enough clearance so that you can leave the router attached when you fold it up, saving time and effort at your destination.

The CMS router table is available as either a stand-alone system or as a MFT/3 extension. Both sets include: The table, both fences, the sliding table, one extension table, and the miter gauge. An additional extension table can be added as an accessory if you wish to put an extension table on each side of the unit.

Festool has taken the basic concept of a router table and pushed it into new levels of precision, accuracy, and repeatability that will allow you to work quickly and at a higher level of quality than ever before.   
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