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This Weekend in Brooklyn, Quiz Show Answers and Gramercy Tools WorldWide  


Happy New Year! First of all John Vernier correctly recognized the couch from last week as the one from the Metropolitan Museum. Gavin and Tom basically got it right also. So congratulations to them all and thanks for everyone for contributing. The piece is Roman from the first or second century AD and might have belonged to an emperor. Which of course it means that when new it was probably out of my budget. It is worth seeing at what can be done with what were by our modern standards, pretty crappy tools. Actually the entire Roman and Greek exhibit at the Met is of staggeringly great quality and worth a special trip.

As I mentioned last week, This Friday and Saturday is the Hand Tool Show.

Join us at the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event in Brooklyn!

January 3-4, 2014

At Build It Green!Brooklyn

Friday (10am - 6pm) and Saturday (10am - 5pm)

Gowanus Center
69 9th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215-3108

Admission is free and open to the public. We are normally closed on weekends, so this is a special opportunity to visit with us on Friday or SATURDAY. We are looking forward to seeing you there. We will have lots of tools and other stuff available for your inspection, tryout, and purchase. The host, Build It Green, a non-profit retail outlet - NYC's only one - for salvaged and surplus building materials. All in all it's a free event with great vendors, making it an occasion that should not be missed.

Snow Update - It's Friday 8:30am and we are off to the show! See you there!

Directions: Build It Green!NYC click for directions to their facility
Note: the show is at the BROOKLYN location of Buildit Green (not the Queens location).

In other news:

Gramercy Tools Around The World

Europe: Dieter Schmidt is now stocking our Gramercy Tools Holdfasts and Gramercy Tools Saws.
England: The Old Tool Store stocks our backsaws
Austrailia: Colen Clenton stocks our holdfasts and has them at all the woodworking shows he does.
Canada: Lee Valley stocks the entire range of Gramercy Tools products including our holdfasts. (Canadian website only)

In the USA Gramercy Tools are only available here.

Happy New Year!!

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