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Spring Special - Free Shipping! Also NYC Woodworkers Guild Meeting Is This Monday!  


This is one of my shortest blog entries ever. For the next week and a half we are offering free shipping in the continental USA on orders of $50.00 or more and discounted shipping everywhere else. There are the usual restrictions and if you click on the link above the menu you can get the fine print. Free returns of course are still available as always.

Also very important! I should have mentioned this earlier in the week:

NYC Woodworkers Guild April Meeting:
Japanese Woodworking Tools For The Western Workshop
Guest Speaker: Wilbur Pan
Japanese tools are useful to have for woodworking, but knowledge on how to use them has often
been cloaked in terms of mysticism and exoticness. This talk will provide an overview of
Japanese saws, chisels, and planes in plain English: how they work, how they are made, and
how they can be used for any woodworking project, Asian or otherwise. Check your Zen at the
Monday April 22nd 7-9pm
Makeville Studios 119 8th St Brooklyn, NY 11215
All are welcome!!

This is going to be great! Wilbur really knows his stuff. for more information:

Wilbur Pan is a woodworker from New Jersey, and has been interested in Japanese tools ever
since discovering the joys of hand tool woodworking. He has published articles on Japanese tools
in Popular Woodworking Magazine, and is responsible for giant Cypress (,
the best Japanese woodworking tool blog in existence./
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