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A few months ago, Nepenthes New York a well respected maker of designer clothing that manufactures in the United States asked us if we would be interested in opening a small pop-up shop inside their garment center area flagship store. Needless to say we were both honored and surprised by this offer. However on further questioning Nepenthes New York, whose signature brand is Engineered Garments, explained that our tool sensibilities, high end, traditional, US made & etc. were very similar to their clothing sensibilities. And they are really. Even for someone such as myself, whose wife buys most of my clothing, it's a real pleasure poking around their flagship store. It's a small store, the brand "Engineered Garments" is only distributed in a few limited boutiques in the US and abroad, but it's pretty obvious when you look at their stuff that there is a real difference in the quality of their clothing and what is generally available in even a better department store.

In any case - we were chuffed, we put together the pop-up store, there was a massive party of mostly younger, hipper people than myself, and now the pop-up is open to the general public. The pop-up has limited inventory of all the Gramercy Products, a few of the more popular books, and our totes and t-shirts. They are also stocking a very high end t-shirt, printed on one of their shirts using a unique design we created for them. The display includes some of the tools and jigs we use for making our saws and hammers, something we have never displayed before.

We don't know how long the pop-up will be up - certainly for the next month - and they are open on weekends too. Go visit. The storefront is pretty narrow, but very deep. We are at the top of the stairs to the balcony. There is unfortunately no way for you to test the tools, but remember we we have a money back guarantee on everything we sell.

Nepenthes New York. Their showroom hours are Monday - Saturday 12noon - 7pm, Sunday 12noon - 5pm. They are located at 307 West 38th St. New York, NY (between 8th and 9th avenues, near both Penn Station and Times Square, on the uptown side of the street, fairly near 8th Avenue. 10018 (212 643 9540).

My follow-up blog on strops is coming next time.
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02/12/2013jessica wickham 
Fascinating Joel! Great idea. Will stop by. Now, does that mean that you all will be wearing cutting edge trendy Japanese clothing in Brooklyn?
I have to stop by. I need to get the I saw NY t-shirt. I really want to feel the hang of the saws, especially since my skills have progressed and I became involved in Alexander technique.
I clicked on the "Engineered Garments" link and got "Stop Indian Point" in huge font. Since that was a bit weird, I tried again and got a blank screen. Other tries got random B/W photos. Has this link been hijacked or is this the intended results?
The link hasn't been hijacked. EG just has an unusual web site. For more info look at the link
02/12/2013Jack Palmer 
I think it's great that these clothes are made in the US..I expect to pay more when I buy things made in the U..S. but $200.00 for a chambray work shirt? I guess you have to live in New York City to appreciate the style and the price.If it helps to sell tools though ,great. I've worked in a number of shops and hundreds of job sites and I've never known anyone who dresses like the people in their ads.
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