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I mentioned in a previous blog that we holding a Festool demo day on May 11th to show off some new tools, a new finishing system and of course the new Domino XL. In conjunction with all that I also announce a contest to see who can do the coolest thing with a domino. Here are the formal rules:

Contest Rules:

We want everyone to give some thought on how useful and quick building with a Domino and the Domino XL is. However since the XL won't be available until June 1 the contest only requires a design.

The requirement for entry is simply a drawing or sketch of anything that can be built using only the following materials:

1 - up to 20 running feet of solid construction grade lumber .
2 - one piece of sheet goods - measuring up to 4' x 4'

The only method of joinery can be with the Domino or the new Domino XL.

Deadline for emailed entries 9 AM May 31 2012
Deadline for in person entries 3:00 PM May 31 2012

Winners will be decided by a panel of judges based on the following criteria:

Elegance of execution.
Usefulness of the finished piece.

If two entries are judged similar the winning entry will also take into account the least amount of material used. The judges will be myself, and a few senior people here. We also hope to add some professional master craftsman to help us decide.

First prize:
CXS Drill with right angle attachment .

Second Prize
SurFix Oil Finishing SystemFestool SurFix Finish Applicator Set) for easily applying a linseed oil finish to your project.

If you show up with an entry on the demo day May 11th you will get a t-shirt or a hat

The contest open to everyone in the US except Festool or TFWW employees.

Some of you might wonder about the fairly short time to make a entry - our thoughts are that since it's only design what you need is a good idea and a few minutes to sketch it out. For sketching remember we all the isometric drafting paper you would want to download here.

One important restriction on entries. A sketch to us is a sketch we can understand. Presentation is part of it all. A drawing is good, a rendering is nice, it doesn't matter, if we can't figure out your design we can't judge it on it's merits. But don't send us actual paper (unless you are coming to the Demo Day). Send us a PDF, or some simple way of viewing your stuff. A link to your website is good too.

Entering the contest also grants us permission to publish your design as a contestant so we or other people can build it. We are not asking for any other permission. copyright on the design claiming any other permissions. Entering the contest is also confirmation from you that the design you submit is your own, and you have the rights to the design so that you can enter the contest.

Note: The picture at the head of this blog entry is a sample piece that shows every single size of Domino and a couple of joints for a Domino XL. While a perfectly useful exercise for Domino salesman, and it's made out of construction timber, I fully expect the winning entry to be useful to a lot more people than just us.

In Work magazine the last two weeks there has been a article on building your own iron planes. On Woodnet there is a thread developing where someone is making patterns and doing the casting. here is the link but I think a few more threads on the subject are materializing. The plan is to get a bunch of people and run a set of castings. Ron Hock will be providing the irons. The goal is to have a set of castings that need just a little filing and sanding to go. I am looking forward to giving the project a whack myself.

This Wednesday April 25 at 7:00 I will be speaking at the NYC woodworker's meeting at Makeville Studio on hand sharpening. It's going to be a demo on how I do it. Some sharpening theory and stuff like that. I am looking forward to it. Makeville is a nice place and if you are fairly local come check it out.
Note: I apologize for all the various product blog entries of the recent past. It's just there is a lot of new stuff coming out. I'll write something historical for next week I promise.
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Any chance of you videoing the NYC woodworker's meeting at Makeville Studio so the rest of us farther away could see it?
I don't know - it depends if anyone has a camera.
But the lesson I give is based on: And I made a video with Norton several years ago that we stock NO-SVIDEO-WAT
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