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Lucky Bench


I thought I was going to start working in earnest on designs for a real workbench this morning.At noon a friend woke me up with a phone call: "Dude, how soon can you be at Trump Tower?"

I made some coffee, forgot my wallet, and got on the subway. The job was hanging a large photo print in a very expensive penthouse apartment. Fifty grand worth of art and ten dollars worth of tacos later, I was back at home. It was dark already and my test sample of purple shellac wasn't going well, so I drank a beer. And another. Then I started the third.

Perfect! Now I'm brave enough to build an after-work-surprise for Girlfriend.

Here's what happened:

It's surprisingly sturdy, it didn't take long, and cost nothing. The inspiration was the morning's hanging job. How soon can you be ready? How little do you need to get the job done? Lance Armstrong says you "make your own luck." I think what he means is that a proactive and flexible approach to life will always land you on top. So I stood on my bench.
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02/28/2011Eric R 
Ben, did you screw you bench's legs in to the floor?
(good idea of using a wall cleat for the back support to help keep the underneath clear.)
Are you my landlord disguised as a wood working enthusiast? Just kidding. Yep right into the floor. It's a trick I started using back when I lived in a much smaller place and we all built lofted beds to save floor space. Keeps you from having to cross brace the legs, so long as your attached to a wall or two.
PBR+ Ryobi= trip to the hospital. Careful there!
3 PBR's + 1 Ryobi could make your bench not so lucky. Careful there!
I agree with Brians comments.What are you...nuts? I don't know about you, but my body parts are far more importanat to me than any project.
Call when you get to the hospital!

(Really, as much as I applaud your getting the job done, 3 beers isn't the best prep for that kind of work.)
03/24/2011Peter Bobby Reynolds 
I've found that the gasses present in beerburps cause a reaction in the motors of my power tools casing the release of gamma radiation which, much like the Hulk, turn me into an unstoppable goal-accomplishing machine!
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