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WORK No. 124- Published August 1, 1891


Tags:Woodworking Tools and Techniques,Historical Subjects,Misc.
A running gag in the 1966 Fred MacMurray film "Follow Me Boys" is that Fred— the founder and scoutmaster of a Boy Scout troop— cannot tie a sheepshank . At one point Fred's inability to demonstrate his Achilles' knot lands him in dutch with some MPs vis-à-vis his scoutmaster alibi. Precisely how the scoutmaster and the US Army cross paths is not a plot point I can...more..
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WORK No. 123- Published July 25, 1891


Tags:Woodworking Tools and Techniques,Historical Subjects,Misc.
I've spent a good chunk of the day asking myself if we have a bona fide tool mystery on our hands or if I'm just stupid, or both, or all three. Either way, I can't find anything representing this tool in Salaman's Dictionary of Woodworking Tools which is my go-to volume for solving these kinds of riddles. Having access to as-yet un-PDF'd originals, I sped through the...more..
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 Joel's Blog at Tools for Working Wood

King Lear and the Common


Last Saturday I went uptown to see King Lear (w. John Lithgow and Annette Benning) in Central Park. It was a wonderful evening and as I walked to the theater I marveled at New York City's implementation of the age old idea of a public common. A Common, a patch of land, open to all to graze their livestock, and to walk alone amid the crowds. It is both social and private at the same time. People...more..
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Summer Reading: Factory Man


Tags:Product News, Sales, and Promotions,Misc.
"Between 2001 and 2012, 63,300 American factories closed their door and five million American factory jobs went away. During the same time, China's manufacturing base ballooned to the tune of 14.1 million new jobs." Beth Macy - "Factory Man" I was really excited to get my hands on a copy of Beth Macy's new book "Factory Man". It's a compelling read about how the American furniture industry...more..
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The Hand and Eye Blog and some FYI's


Tags:Product News, Sales, and Promotions
This isn't a real blog entry - just two cool FYI's I've mentioned the hand and eye blog before - it's one of my favorite design and maker blogs, and so we were very flattered that John Peabody took an entire afternoon to talk tools and design with Tim and Ben in the Gramercy Workshop. John shot photos, and wrote a bit about us and we'd like to thank him for taking time to come out and...more..
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 Ben's Brooklyn Build-It Blog

Marching On


This is not a spill your guts blog... unless you're tree, but lately the sky looks awfully grey. I've been spending most of my energy fending off doom, and because of this I haven't managed to finish nearly as many projects as I've started, and I haven't started as many as I hoped I would. But, as Metallica points out, Time Marches On . So what have I been doing?...more..
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Brooklyn Guild


Last week I took an hour off work to go down the street to Brooklyn Guild , a design/build collective with a shop in Brooklyn. I met Brooklyn Guild when they came to Tools for Working Wood for hide glue . They began casually with 5 pounds, but within a week had bought nearly my weight in granulated hide. I had to know what they were working on that used so much glue, so I asked if I...more..
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Working Hard? or Hardly Woodworking in America


Tags:Product News, Sales, and Promotions,Misc.
I wrote this entry in an airplane cruising over the clouds as Tim and I headed home to Brooklyn from Woodworking in America . One week ago, after leaving work at midnight because we were finishing up the new Gramercy Tools Kings County Hammer, I rushed home to pack my underwater-camera and some socks before flopping into a cab for the ride to LGA. Tim and I arrived in Cincinnati a...more..
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