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Automation and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Tags:Product News, Sales, and Promotions,Woodworking Tools and Techniques
In the good old days grinders would sit for 8-10 hours a day straddling a 4 foot diameter solid sandstone grinding wheel spinning at a surface speed of about 60 miles per hour. While wheel explosions were rare, early death from silicosis wasn't. It was a known occupational hazard, but in return for pretty good wages a grinder ran a known risk of early death, and at the very least some respiratory...more..
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English Mortise Chisels - Mid-18th Century to Now - Part 5 - How to Handle a Chisel


Tags:Woodworking Tools and Techniques,Historical Subjects
Click here for the start of this series . In the nineteenth century (and less so the twentieth) you could purchase edge tools with or without a handle. Especially in the era before 1850, when ferruled tools became common, handling was a labor intensive job. In Sheffield the job of handling was and still is done by the Cutler. The complex shape of a mortise chisel make is seem like a daunting...more..
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 The Work Magazine Reprint Project

WORK No. 109- Published April 18, 1891


Tags:Woodworking Tools and Techniques,Historical Subjects,Misc.
Foundation learning this week in Work. Bone up on knots & splicing as well as screw threads for metalwork. Perfect for anyone working on a sail-driven engine lathe. You know who you are. As long as we're at it, check out the thread pattern on our Milwaukee Quick-Release Bench Vises. It combines the features of the "square" and "trapezoidal" patterns and usually called a...more..
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WORK No. 108- Published April 11, 1891


Tags:Woodworking Tools and Techniques,Historical Subjects,Misc.
Strap in everybody, we've got another packed issue of Work! There's something for everyone, to be sure, but the prize for this week's most interesting article goes to "A TANGENT GALVANOMETER FOR WOOD TURNERS." Science geeks and lathe fiends alike should get a kick out of this one. A tangent galvanometer is a device that measures electrical current by pitting the field strength...more..
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WORK No. 107- Published April 4, 1891


Tags:Woodworking Tools and Techniques,Historical Subjects,Misc.
Frame builders beware. Here is the 1891 ride of your dreams. You just have to make it. First time building a bike? No problem. This serialized article promises to walk you through every step of fabricating and assembling the more than "320 parts, counting the chain as one part." Before you start wringing your hands, let me put forward a modest proposal. Scroll on. Work covers a...more..
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 Ben's Brooklyn Build-It Blog

Marching On


This is not a spill your guts blog... unless you're tree, but lately the sky looks awfully grey. I've been spending most of my energy fending off doom, and because of this I haven't managed to finish nearly as many projects as I've started, and I haven't started as many as I hoped I would. But, as Metallica points out, Time Marches On . So what have I been doing?...more..
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Brooklyn Guild


Last week I took an hour off work to go down the street to Brooklyn Guild , a design/build collective with a shop in Brooklyn. I met Brooklyn Guild when they came to Tools for Working Wood for hide glue . They began casually with 5 pounds, but within a week had bought nearly my weight in granulated hide. I had to know what they were working on that used so much glue, so I asked if I...more..
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Working Hard? or Hardly Woodworking in America


Tags:Product News, Sales, and Promotions,Misc.
I wrote this entry in an airplane cruising over the clouds as Tim and I headed home to Brooklyn from Woodworking in America . One week ago, after leaving work at midnight because we were finishing up the new Gramercy Tools Kings County Hammer, I rushed home to pack my underwater-camera and some socks before flopping into a cab for the ride to LGA. Tim and I arrived in Cincinnati a...more..
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